Lean Daily Management System

The Lean Daily Management System is a powerful and peerless method for engagement. The technical approach is simple enough to understand. But it is not a “plug and play” technique. To make it work requires a level of leadership understanding and commitment that is often missing. If you approach LDMS as a stand-alone installation for the workers, it will fail. To find out more about this, contact us. If not before you start the first time, then after your attempts have failed once or twice – then there is an opportunity for learning. Jerry Timpson

The Lean Daily Management System (LDMS) is a set of standard procedures that provides the structure and focus for intact workgroups with common tasks and deliverables to continuously improve their day-to-day work. It is a core means of engagement centered around a brief daily meeting at a primary visual display that contains metrics that the workgroup can control. Several components make the system complete and it is one of the most useful improvement mechanisms available today.

The core components of LDMS include:

Lean Daily Management System by Kaufman Global

The Lean Daily Management System








The Lean Daily Management System was created and trademarked by Kaufman Global. It has been applied to all types of industries, services and business types. It is second to none for workgroup engagement and performance improvement. Learn more about LDMS here: Lean Daily Management System and Lean Daily Management System Blog Post.


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