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Here’s the definition:

The 20 Keys is an intuitive system of improvement that breaks a function or work area (like manufacturing or sales or materials management) into 20 “key” elements. The approach focuses each workgroup on a long-term improvement plan. Every set of 20 Keys (customized for different functional areas or processes) consists of a chart for mapping goal attainment and a corresponding set of point or level descriptors for individual keys. For each element, five levels of performance are simply described. The levels go from Traditional to Currently Invincible. The 20 Keys are intended to help individual workgroups evaluate and understand their own performance and then develop a plan for improvement. The most important aspect of the 20 Keys is that the results are owned and acted upon by the workgroup that rates themselves.

The 20 Keys was originally conceived by Iwao Kobayashi decades ago to evaluate facility-wide manufacturing operations. In the mid-90s, Kaufman Global significantly revised the initial concept to compel focus upon individual workgroups while introducing a practical improvement planning module to amplify workgroup relevance and utility.

Kaufman Global has developed 20 Keys sets for a wide variety of industries and functions including: Hospitals, Oilfield Services, Human Resources, Business Process, etc.

The 20 Keys® of Lean Manufacturing by Kaufman Global

The 20 Keys® of Lean Manufacturing by Kaufman Global

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