Leadership Workshops

For the greatest impact, you need to get your leadership team on the same page fast

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Kaufman Global facilitates plain talk on real issues to help you get to actionable solutions now

But it’s not just talk, we bring a variety of techniques and approaches to get the leadership team communicating better and solving problems that they know are there, but are not always aligned on.

In today’s 24-7 competitive work world, two things are certain: “speed is life” and “everyone is already busy”. Still, critical initiatives –  redefining your enterprise strategy, launching a new product line or improving service quality cannot languish – they must be considered. Moreover, these initiatives demand input from organizational leaders who are already fully tasked.

This is where Kaufman Global’s Leadership Workshops come in. In a short period (two days or so), we bring people and ideas together, surface key concerns and promote consensus on the path ahead with critical initiatives.

We work together with you to plan and execute a compact episode that moves you forward quickly and with confidence your team is aligned working together toward results. Our approach resolves issues and yields a collaborative path forward with clear accountabilities, key metrics and a bias-for-action.

When Big Personalities are Involved, a Little Help Goes a Long Way

Facilitating leadership teams can be tough. Big personalities, strong opinions and tightly-held beliefs. As one of our clients once said, “If you put that many sharks in one pool, there’s bound to be a little blood.”

The thing is with Kaufman, we get that and we actually love working in these environments because we know that when there is consensus at the top, important results happen faster – and that’s critical to our clients success.

We have shaped our approach to move through the hard discussions, make objective choices and develop a path forward that is owned by the participants. For many of our clients, this activity is a starting point and one that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Applications include (but are not limited to… use your imagination):

  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Bold Strategies
  • Planning and Execution of Important Initiatives
  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Global Footprint
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