Leadership Workshops

For the greatest impact, you need to get your leadership team on the same page fast

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Kaufman Global facilitates plain talk on real issues to help you get to actionable solutions now

But it’s not just talk, we bring a variety of techniques and approaches to get the leadership team communicating better and solving problems that they know are there, but aren’t always aligned on.

While the pace of business never seems to slow, critical initiatives – redefining your enterprise strategy, launching a new product line or improving service quality – can’t wait. Moreover, these topics demand input from organizational leaders who are already fully tasked.

This is where Kaufman Global’s Leadership Workshops come in. We work together with you to plan and execute against a custom workshop design. In a few short days, we bring people, ideas and data together, surface key concerns, constructively facilitate tough conversations and promote consensus on an actionable path forward. You leave the session confident that your team is aligned and working together toward results with clear accountabilities, key metrics and a bias-for-action.

Sample sessions we’ve helped leadership teams tackle:

  • Make vs. Buy Decisions
  • Global Manufacturing Footprint Strategy
  • OpEx Awareness Training for Leaders
  • Leadership Alignment and Tactical Planning

Big Personalities, Strong Opinions and Tightly-held Beliefs… Oh My

Facilitating leadership teams can be tough. As one of our clients once said, “If you put that many sharks in a pool, someone is going to get bit.”

We get that, and we actually love the challenge of working in these environments. We know that when there is consensus at the top, important results happen faster – and that’s critical to our clients success.

Our approach is designed to move through the hard discussions, make objective choices and develop a path forward that is owned by the participants. For many of our clients, this activity is a starting point that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Need to get your team aligned to make some key decisions? We can help. Let’s talk.