Leadership Workshop

Align Decision-Makers on the Best Approach

Consider fresh strategies in a constructive setting to assure your critical initiative’s victory.

Fast Action

Problem definition, performance goals and workshop design are swiftly confirmed for a workshop that spans only two days.

Fast Impact

Vision, mission and values refined. Issues addressed. Needed steps captured. Owners and metrics formalized to assure results.

Enduring Confidence

In the end, your team has agreed upon all aspects of managing the challenge you face. The resulting initiative design is achievable.

Plain talk on real issues yields joint solutions and action plan buy-in.

In today’s 24-7 competitive work world, two things are certain: “speed is life” and “everyone is already busy”.

Still, critical initiatives –  redefining your enterprise strategy, launching a new product line or improving service quality cannot languish – they must be considered. Moreover, these initiatives demand input from organizational leaders who are fully tasked.

This is where Kaufman Global’s Leadership Workshop comes in. In just two days, it’s designed to bring people together, surface key concerns and promote consensus on the path ahead with critical initiatives that may be contentious or are being neglected due to lack of focus.

We work together with you to plan and execute a compact episode respectful of existing calendars yet demanding for results. Our approach resolves issues and yields a collaborative path forward with clear accountabilities, key metrics and a bias-for-action.

Workshop Components

  • Surface real problems
  • Collaborate on solutions
  • Paint supporting vision, mission and values
  • Capture action plan, metrics and owners
  • Manage obstacles and barriers


  • Contentious business initiatives
  • Urgent enterprise changes
  • New product / process development

Top leaders sometimes seem to have competing objectives, yet they must come together to get certain things done.

Kaufman Global is expert at facilitating leadership teams through tough decisions. When decisive actions are required that include the need to know who’s doing what, when, why and how, Kaufman can help. Let’s compare notes.