Rapid Performance Evaluation

Understand Site Performance

Go from stuck in uncertainty to decisive clarity in two days.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global partners with your team members to start an in-depth, real-time gap assessment of your site.

Fast Impact

We survey your leadership and staff for insight and alignment, then perform a critical evaluation.

Enduring Confidence

We leave you with actionable solutions and a clear path forward to make needed changes and hone your competitive edge.

Fast answers, accurate information and actionable solutions

The Rapid Performance Evaluation (RPE) does exactly what its name implies: In two days or less on site, we reveal important details about your operational performance.

Kaufman Global’s RPE system is template driven, so it’s fast. It’s also designed for simplicity so that the organization can understand the process and ensure its consistency. And it’s inclusive: We integrate your people into the evaluation team. Doing that, engagement is high and commitment to the outcomes are greatly enhanced.

The RPE baselines and correlates 20 dimensions of performance against world-class benchmarks to measure your enterprise. Our interviews with your team supply insights about daily operations and how aligned the organization is in identifying and solving issues and challenges. Finally, we provide data-driven recommendations about where to focus your energy to achieve the greatest performance impact.

Custom RPE Contents and Evaluation Keys

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Office and Functional Departments
  • Service Delivery and Field Operations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare


  • Single-site Evaluation
  • Benchmarking Multiple Locations
  • Annual Health Check

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