Rapid Performance Evaluation (RPE)

A dramatically better way to understand site performance

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Rapid Performance Evaluation

Kaufman Global evaluates your site’s performance for an accurate baseline and fact-based performance improvement plan.

Rapid Performance Evaluation Description

We developed the Rapid Performance Evaluation because our clients want certain things when they are trying to understand performance:

  • Fast answers because everyone is busy. The RPE requires only a single day onsite.
  • Benchmarks that tell them how they stack-up against world-class standards. The RPE uses three correlated rating systems, including Kaufman Global’s 20 Keys.
  • Insights about organizational issues and leadership alignment. The RPE pulses your team to reveal authentic opportunities.
  • Consensus. Your internal experts are part of the joint RPE team with Kaufman Global. Consensus is a hard-wired into the RPE approach.
  • Data-driven recommendations about where to focus your energy to achieve the greatest performance impact.

Kaufman Global’s RPE is template-driven and designed for simplicity. This enables the team to assess the site using the same set of objective standards for “what good looks like” and deliver a consistent outcome. And because the joint team format is inclusive, engagement is high and buy-in to the results is assured.

Let‘s Get Started – It’s Easy

  • Introductions and background
  • Scheduling and team identification
  • Baseline metrics request
  • Fine print: Non-disclosures and such
Our day onsite
  • RPE overview with stakeholders
  • Team training
  • Site tour and focus interviews
  • Scoring session
  • Report-out on Day 2
  • Ratings: 3 scores
  • Organizational dynamics
  • Specific recommendations to address critical opportunities
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