Lean Office | Office Kaizen

Lean applied: simplify and optimize business process and reduce functional friction

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Fewer handoffs, process clarity, clear roles, improved flow and better communication.

Lean Office addresses wastes generated in functional areas — such as customer service, order processing, planning, sales, engineering, human resources and finance … Wastes that erode profit and compromise the ability to respond to customer needs. These non-manufacturing costs comprise 90% of total product costs and over 95% of total life-cycle costs.

Functional and administrative areas involve information and transactions. Lean Office (or Office Kaizen) concentrates on understanding these flows and improving micro-processes via hands-on workers, using what they already have: an extensive understanding of the processes they perform every day.

We work to:

  • Engage and train teams to identify business process waste in a uniform way
  • Use process mapping to understand integration points, gaps and redundancies
  • Drive consensus and cross-functional decisions on prioritizing opportunities
  • Implement local metrics and engagement mechanisms to drive long-term sustainability


Want to learn more about the application of Lean in functional and administrative environments? Read our Office Kaizen white paper or our Special Considerations for Rapid Improvement in Office Kaizen white paper, both available in the Resources -> White Papers section.

Lean Works Everywhere – Kaufman Global Knows How

Kaufman Global has never viewed Lean as the purvey of manufacturing. After all, all manufacturing processes are enabled by a business process. The issue with Lean in business process is that its sometimes more difficult to “see” the process because it is about communication and the movement of information. Even so, Kaufman has pioneered ways to dissect intricate business process and make change happen.


Health and Human Services – Staffing and Overtime, Patient and Staff Safety, Time-to-Hire

Food – Kaufman Global worked with a major producer to implement Office Kaizen globally including OpEx Leader development

Consumer Products – Suppy Chain, Product Development, Retail Delivery

Aerospace and Defense – Integrated Product Development, Engineering

Oilfield – Supply Chain, Legal and Human Resources, Job Call Out and Execution

The list goes on. Let’s talk about your issue. Contact us and we’ll compare notes.