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The Missing Link of Lean Success

This article was written by William Roper in 2001 and published…
November 24, 2020/by Bill Roper

Margin Restoration and The Law of Holes

Digging and Filling Holes
The business impact of Covid19 is…
November 8, 2020/by Jerry Timpson

Wearing Masks During Covid19: Why Compliance is So Difficult and How to do Better

Businesses are accountable to ensure the health and safety…
July 15, 2020/by Jerry Timpson

Three Business Strategies for Dealing with a Pandemic

The pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. Besides the reality…
July 8, 2020/by Jerry Timpson

Making The Case for Analysis

Analysis or Straight to Implementation? That's the question.

January 26, 2020/by Jerry Timpson

Transformation Is Personal

The very notion of transformation should scare the hell out of us all ...

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January 6, 2020/by Jerry Timpson

Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Fundamentals

What's in a name?

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December 15, 2019/by Jerry Timpson

Kaizen Events 101 – Before, During and After

Your checklist for a holistic three-week plan.

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September 24, 2019/by Amy Howard

Change Resistance: The 3 Ds and What to Do

5 things you can do to mitigate unknowns and get better results.

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August 30, 2019/by Jerry Timpson

5 Critical Success Factors for Evaluating Operational Performance

Get an accurate baseline of the current situation and describe the gaps in one day.

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February 11, 2019/by Jerry Timpson

Local Flavor – Argentine Soccer Celebration

Enjoying the local flavor of the street celebration in Buenos Aires after the final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores ...

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December 12, 2018/by Kaufman Global

How to Digitally Enable Performance

And relay only the information required to speed decisions, enable agility and lift results.

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March 16, 2018/by Jerry Timpson

The “Real” 3 + 2 Rules of Successful Project Management

These easy to remember rules will help you navigate the common pitfalls of project management...

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January 10, 2018/by Sean Wright

Procedural Adherence: October 2017 IADC Human Factors Conference

Kaufman Global president Jerry Timpson presents on the topic of Procedural Adherence at the 2017 IADC Human Factors Conference in Galveston, TX Oct 17-18.

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August 22, 2017/by Kaufman Global

Lean Manufacturing White Paper: Part 3 of 3

The third and final excerpt in a 3-part series from our updated white paper, Implementing Lean Manufacturing: A Holistic Approach ...

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August 11, 2017/by Kaufman Global

Business Process Improvement and Scorpions …

Senior consultant Hector Garcia takes a break from train-the-trainer efforts to ...

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August 2, 2017/by Kaufman Global

Lean Manufacturing White Paper: Part 2 of 3

Part 2 ... why Taiichi Ohno’s original 7 wastes must be updated to include two new ones: Alignment and Engagement ...

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August 1, 2017/by Kaufman Global

Lean Manufacturing White Paper: Part 1 of 3

We've updated our classic Lean Manufacturing whitepaper. Part 1 covers the history and evolution of Lean and why pull systems are so important ...

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July 23, 2017/by Kaufman Global

The Carrot Story

The Carrot Story is a thought-provoking parable on how organizations achieve positive change ...

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June 2, 2017/by Kaufman Global

An Afternoon Spent Process Mapping is an Afternoon Well Spent

Earlier this month we spent a few hours with the great team at Jefferson Electric to help them do ...

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January 31, 2017/by Kaufman Global

Results Improve When Leaders Give Up Some Control

When it comes to guiding an organization through transformative change, control is the determining factor ...

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December 22, 2016/by Jerry Timpson

Sustaining OpEx in the Modern Age

This is an excerpt from the Kaufman Global survey report: An Examination of Operational Excellence ...

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December 5, 2016/by Jerry Timpson

Operational Excellence Will Save You Millions (and Millions)

Well... the exact number is not certain, but organizations could get much more from their OpEx ...

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November 29, 2016/by Kaufman Global

Rapid Performance Evaluation – Speed Matters

Kaufman Global helps clients solve complex problems and drive fundamental improvement ...

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August 4, 2016/by Kaufman Global

4 Tips To Simplify Work Complexity

Greater complexity means more options for failure. People and processes come together to ...

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November 3, 2015/by Jerry Timpson

Iconic Conference 2015 – Chicago

How did we spend today's Travel Tuesday? In the beautiful city of Chicago, hearing from and ...

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May 19, 2015/by Kaufman Global

Standing Tall in Kuala Lumpur

European Director Rolf den Nieuwenboer takes a break from his facility layout work to enjoy ...

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February 24, 2015/by Kaufman Global

Lessons from a Pocket Card: Standard Work for Leaders

Top leaders frequently approach us seeking solutions to their business problems. They want to know ...

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February 9, 2015/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global Attends 2014 ADIPEC in UAE

Kaufman Global will be among the 60,000 participants at this years’ Abu Dhabi International Petroleum ...

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November 5, 2014/by Kaufman Global

World-Class Performance and the 20 Keys

What does the phrase “world-class” really mean? This question has been asked since the term ...

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November 3, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Turning up the Heat: Golf in Bahrain

While our previous Travel Tuesday post took us to Argentina where it's currently winter ...

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October 6, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global Attends SSPHA and NASMHPD Mental Health Conference

Kaufman Global will join representatives from the Southern States Psychiatric Hospital Association ...

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September 17, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Eating Abroad: Asado in Argentina!

This Tuesday we're traveling south to experience Argentinian Asado! The term Asado ...

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September 16, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Introducing… Travel Tuesday: Thailand

Our work with our global clients takes us around the world. In the process we get the opportunity ...

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August 12, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Relearning Jidoka From a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

About 20 years ago, when I first trained on the Toyota Production System, it was presented ...

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July 9, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Procedural Adherence: Your Problem is Bigger than Technology

The following is an excerpt from Kaufman Global’s new white paper, On Procedural Adherence ...

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June 9, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Change Advocacy: The Immunity Challenge

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re leading it, supporting it, or it feels like it’s being forced ...

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May 13, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global Attends 2014 Offshore Technology Conference

Kaufman Global, an implementation partner of Lean, Continuous Improvement and proprietary ...

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April 15, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global attends 2014 IADC Drilling Conference

Kaufman Global will be on-hand to hear about the latest trends, emerging technologies ...

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February 26, 2014/by Kaufman Global

Improve Operations Fast: 5 Transformation Tools

When it comes to driving business improvements, the term “transformation” is overused ...

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August 8, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Lean Should Be Part Of Your Growth Strategy

Lean is all about waste elimination right? But to what end? The Toyota Production System ...

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June 20, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Take Action to Make Things Happen

In life, there are those who watch things happen, and those who step up and make them happen ...

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May 28, 2013/by Kaufman Global

How Engagement and Value are Intimately Linked

The following is an excerpt from Kaufman Global’s latest white paper, “Engage the Organization ...

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May 8, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global at Offshore Technology Conference 2013

Kaufman Global will be among more than 80,000 attendees at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) ...

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April 30, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Teamwork is Essential for Lean Success

The likelihood of sustainable change is directly related to the degree to which that change is valued ...

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March 18, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global Names Amy Howard Principal

Kaufman Global announced today the promotion of Amy Howard to principal. Based out of Indianapolis ...

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February 25, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Kaufman Global Attends 2013 SPE / IADC Drilling Conference

Kaufman Global announced today its plans to attend the 2013 SPE / IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition...

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February 11, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Bacon Revolution: Are You In?

I’m not sure if you've noticed, but there's a bacon revolution going on. Everyone seems to be ...

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January 31, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Change Management Presentation for ASQ Webinar

Kaufman Global announced today its participation in the ASQ Reliability Division's ...

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January 25, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Three Ways to Leverage Cross-functional Teams for Design Innovation

A recent 60 Minutes segment highlighted the innovative approach used by California-based design firm ...

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January 18, 2013/by Kaufman Global

Continuous Improvement And The 20 Keys®

Business leaders are often criticized for their tendency to keep looking “in the rear view mirror,” but is this always a bad thing?

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November 19, 2012/by Kaufman Global

A Committed Leader: The Key Ingredient for Change

In my role as a management consultant at Kaufman Global, I work within a variety of industries ...

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September 19, 2012/by Kaufman Global

Stand Down Events for Truly Rapid Results

With a "need for speed," more and more organizations are adopting the idea of holding what are best known as Stand Down Days...

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August 29, 2012/by Kaufman Global

Prioritize Manufacturing Fixes For Better Results

There are times when a manufacturing operation needs to get better (a lot better) — fast.

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August 20, 2012/by Kaufman Global

Time To Hire: How To Improve Cycle Time

Talent Wars | You identify a critical resource need. A requisition is prepared and submitted. The recruiting ...

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August 7, 2012/by Kaufman Global

Lean Tools are a Means, Never an End

One of the most common and most difficult to eradicate beliefs is that “Lean” is just a bunch of analytical tools and methods.

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July 25, 2012/by Kaufman Global

Benchmarks As A Performance Improvement Method

While it’s true that benchmarks can provide authority and clarity, consider the flip side...

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July 19, 2012/by Kaufman Global