Procedural Adherence

Change behaviors to minimize risk

Reduce the potential for catastrophic failures

Fast Action

Learn to recognize task, process and policy influences that assure predictable procedures.

Fast Impact

Prioritize adherence targets, then systematically drive changes to gain sustainable results.

Enduring Confidence

Stop focusing on symptoms and address the root behavioral causes of non-adherence.

Procedural Adherence is a Behavior

In a world of ever-increasing complexity, all organizations have products and services that demand a disciplined sequence of tasks, events and hand-offs. If any one thing goes wrong, catastrophe can result. Such incidents can harm people and the environment, end careers, erode profits, and diminish your brand and its promise. Often, when something goes wrong, an enterprise traditionally takes three predictable steps:

  1. Clarify the procedure.
  2. Train the procedure.
  3. Extend consequences to those responsible.

While these steps to compel procedural adherence may have been “proven over time”, they address only symptoms rather than solving the problem at its origin.

Kaufman Global has a better way. We understand that failing to execute a procedure is a behavior. It happens when risk for the individual is different than risk for the enterprise. When we implement leading-indicator behaviors that align risk, procedural adherence increases and catastrophic incidents decrease. The business case is significant and when done right, your most mission-critical deliverables become repeatable and more reliable.

Want to learn more? Read our white paper On Procedural Adherence.

Procedural Adherence System (PAS)


  • Target the most critical procedures
  • Clarify tasks, processes and procedures
  • Onboard the Procedural Adherence Team (PAT)


  • Standard templates
  • Focus on why
  • Ensure relevance

Do: The Procedural Adherence Team (PAT)

  • Ask 3 questions constantly: Do you have? Do you understand? Did you do?
  • Govern the system
  • Measure results
  • Optimize for excellence

Complexity thrives in the middle of the organization.

Things didn’t get complex over night and it takes energy to simplify. Sometimes solutions are technical and sometimes we must address behaviors. Kaufman Global understands how to combine both elements to help you avoid missteps and achieve breakthrough results quickly. Let’s talk.