OpEx Training

Upskill Your People

Close the gap between disengagement and broken processes by empowering your people with new skills.

Fast Action

We immerse your teams in practical skills that transform them into internal change agents.

Fast Impact

As they gain new skills, they apply their learning to solve real problems and identify more opportunities to improve.

Enduring Confidence

Training reveals a predictable way to drive and sustain ongoing performance improvement.

Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management

We tap into a proven course catalog to shape organizational learning for your needs. Whether standalone programs or integrated with your improvement project, training focuses on achieving tangible results.

Lean Leader Development

Kaufman Global Lean Leadership programs are led at your sites for your teams of future change agents,  our immersive “boot camp” program combines classroom rigor with practical application. Shoulder-to-shoulder, participants are coached and mentored in essential improvement tools while mastering their role to engage and facilitate the broader organization to make and sustain beneficial changes.

Case Studies: Clients We’ve Served

White Paper: Developing OpEx Leaders

The OpEx Leader’s function is easy enough to understand, yet, organizations often struggle to get this role right. This white paper provides relevant best practices and guide posts for “what good looks like.”

Let’s Work Together

Operationally Excellent organizations do three things: Align their leaders. Engage their people. Fix things. Let’s talk.