Lean Daily Management System ®

A Self-Regulating Improvement Engine

lean daily management system by kaufman global

Give your people the right tools for smarter decision-making.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global teaches and equips your workgroups with resources to govern their own issues and performance.

Fast Impact

Workers utilize LDMS to become better aligned and take actions based on metrics and structured processes.

Enduring Confidence

Workgroups across the enterprise become self-sustaining in increasingly improving the organization as a whole.

Empowered engagement at the workgroup level

The Lean Daily Management System ® (LDMS) is an effective path to routine involvement with and improvement for intact workgroups. It’s often touted by our clients as the part of our collaboration that surprises them most.

Kaufman Global innovated LDMS to empower natural work teams to make decisions about their issues and performance. We saw the potential for a self-regulating improvement engine — if employees were authorized to take control of their own processes and apply structured problem-solving techniques.

More specifically, the Lean Daily Management System is a unique set of standard procedures and processes that help teams of five to nine line staff focus on and continuously advance their day-to-day work processes. Our clients see the impact of engaged hearts and minds as team members find new ways of meaningfully contributing to their everyday work, creating a sustainable foundation for larger improvement efforts.

Core Elements of LDMS®

  • Daily Workgroup Meeting
  • Primary Visual Display Board
  • Workgroup Metrics
  • Kaizen Action Sheets
  • Short Interval Coaching by Supervisors

Let’s Work Together

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