Lean Daily Management System ®

Engage your people to drive astonishing results

Accelerating performance for clients worldwide: Fast Action | Fast Impact | Enduring Confidence

Kaufman Global’s trademark method for workgroup performance.

You want engagement and results? That is exactly what the The Lean Daily Management System (LDMS ®) does!

We invented it. That’s right. Kaufman Global created LDMS 20 years ago and today it is used by hundreds of organizations to fundamentally change the way people engage to improve operations and their work results. The LDMS is the most effective path to routine involvement and improvement for intact workgroups. Our engagement system is in use across a broad range of industries, services and applications: healthcare, business process, manufacturing and oil and gas to name a few.

The Lean Daily Management System is described by our clients as the critical success factor for sustainable operational excellence!

Kaufman Global has a highly structured approach to LDMS. We know how to do it right and we can help you too. If you’ve already got a way to formally engage your teams but want to take it to the next level, we help with that too. Common issues we see and address:

  • Process discipline
  • How to identify and implement metrics that really work
  • Ways to engage leaders and managers so that there is linkage between their expectations and work group objectives
  • Technical understanding of improvement tools and their applications

Our implementation program teaches your people exactly how to do Lean Daily Management, then we coach teams, managers and practitioners through the “learn by doing” phase to ensure the knowledge is absorbed and the system sustainable.

Learn more from our blog post: “Using Structure to Engage Employees and Optimize Value.”

What You Get With Kaufman Global and LDMS


  • Daily workgroup meeting (huddle): Communication and priorities
  • Primary Visual Display Board
  • Improvement enabling tool suite: Kaizen Action Sheets, Skill Versatility, Kaufman Global 20 Keys ®, A3, etc.
  • Relevant metrics: baseline and progress


  • Global reach: Programs delivered everywhere in the world
  • Expert coaching and mentoring at all levels
  • A rich catalog of training materials
  • Expect a 10-20% rise in workgroup productivity and massive improvement in employee engagement scores
  • Daily progress toward improvement goals and your Annual Operating Plan
  • Proactive process improvement
Are you ready to start your LDMS journey? We’re happy to share our experiences. Contact us to learn more.