Lean Daily Management System®

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The Lean Daily Management System is Kaufman Global’s trademark methodology for workgroup performance.

The Lean Daily Management System® (LDMS) is a set of techniques that enable natural workgroups to participate in improving their own performance. It starts with a brief daily workgroup meeting at a primary visual display board. The visual display board contains metrics about workgroup performance along with other information relevant to workgroup performance.

We created the Lean Daily Management System to enabling those at the very front lines to understand, control and improve their work processes every day.

Lean Daily Management System

The Lean Daily Management System – Shift Start-Up meeting at a Primary Visual Display board.

The five core elements of the Lean Daily Management System are:

  1. A daily Shift Start-Up meeting (SSU)
  2. Work group Primary Visual Display (PVD)
  3. Kaizen Action Sheet (KAS) system
  4. The 20 Keys® assessment and improvement plan
  5. Daily Short Interval Coaching (SIC) by supervisors

Each of these elements play a pivotal role in better team performance. The Kaizen Action Sheet system is a way for individual team members to submit their ideas for improvements. The 20 Keys are a powerful planning tool that helps the team make decisions about priorities. And, priorities are driven by the performance metrics that are openly displayed and updated daily. Finally, Short Interval Coaching helps managers and supervisors develop their leadership skills by showing them specific change management techniques that engage their team.

The Lean Daily Management System is described by our clients as the critical success factor for sustainable operational excellence.

The definition of LDMS is simple enough – and it needs to be because getting an entire organization on board takes some work – but the dividends are huge.

Kaufman Global helps clients implement Lean Daily Management System at individual sites or across broad geographies. Start your LDMS teams off right – or, if you’ve already started and you aren’t getting the expected results, we can help course correct. We offer:

  • Deep, real-world experience
  • Complete training materials
  • World-class coaching and training at all levels
  • Certification programs


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Lean Daily Management System

Who’s Doing It (just to name a few)

  • Oregon State Hospital
  • BD
  • Goodyear
  • Owens Corning
  • Sutter Healthcare
  • IR
  • Nabors


  • Tighter control of core processes
  • Continual rise quality and productivity
  • Improved employee engagement scores
  • Daily progress toward improvement goals
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Increased morale and employee retention
Reach out if you’d like to learn more about how do the Lean Daily Management System.