Kaufman Global 2022 Accomplishments

Here we share a few project highlights and accomplishments from our work in 2022. Diverse client challenges spanned everything from manufacturing site selection to ERP readiness to managing contractors and work quality in a call-out environment.

  • Order-to-Cash Process Simplification. For an industry-leading Consumer Goods company we decomposed 42 macro processes across Finance, Engineering / NPD (New Product Development), Sales and Customer Service, and Planning, Procurement and Manufacturing. Significant process improvements were made in critical areas while defining ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) requirements to assist in a subsequent system selection.
  • Manufacturing Strategy: European Geo Selection. This industrial manufacturer needed to identify the best location to increase Eurozone capacity outside of the UK and enable growth through customer proximity. The analysis evaluated a dozen decision criteria across 10 short-listed countries. We analyzed: Supply chain cost and efficiency, proximity to customer, labor availability and rates, tax burden, quality of life, political stability, and facility and infrastructure costs. Outcome: Optimal country and zone identified from the very top three contenders; defined business case; and leadership consensus on the decision. Robust methodology aided quick accurate assessment of regional alternatives, which facilitated a collaborative client / consultant team.

Kaufman Global Accomplishments: Criteria Weighting for Site Selection Analysis

  • Analysis: Lead Time Optimization for Contract Labor in a Job-Call Out Environment. This client does installation work for homeowners across the US. The analysis focused on optimizing installation capacity with a focus on resource availability and retention, labor costs (regional and seasonal variation), process gaps, and revenue generation. Results included a significant opportunity to increase sales, fewer cancellations, lower contractor turnover, inventory reduction and strategically phased implementation plan for recommendations.
  • Rapid Performance Evaluations (manufacturing / office / enterprise): We conducted multiple RPEs in 2022. These two-day benchmarks provide insights into site performance and identify issues and opportunities to improve. Evaluation results are immediately actionable. A joint team of KG and client participants conduct the RPE, ensuring buy-in and a balance of internal and external viewpoints. We:
    • Tour, evaluate and score the current state of site performance via 20 Keys® and Vital Systems benchmarking tools
    • Assess leadership alignment on organizational objectives and priorities
    • Identify, rate, and rank the portfolio of improvement opportunities

Our approach delivers baseline performance scores and recommends next steps to achieve tangible results. Our clients use it for health check-ups, benchmarking multiple sites, and to quickly reduce uncertainty and create consensus in pursuit of results.

You have important business objectives to achieve this year. We can help accelerate them, bring outside perspectives, and up-skill your team to enable more effective change and sustainable results. Let’s talk about your needs for 2023.

The Kaufman Global Team