Business Recovery Playbook

Deal head-on with global events. Engage teams, design vital processes and get buy-in to new procedures.

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Make your enterprise resilient for unpredictable change.

Today’s challenge? A pandemic.

You need a business recovery playbook that everyone understands and to which they will conform to ensure both individual safety and the continuity of your business.

We have been living an unprecedented global shutdown the last few months. The losses have been staggering, and sadly it isn’t over yet. As economies and businesses begin to reopen, common themes are emerging. This is an important moment to recognize them, learn from where we could have been better prepared and act swiftly to catalyze our response going forward. Notably:

  • The ability to ensure the health and safety of your employees, partners and customers (and by extension, their families) has been amplified 100x. Doing business must resume, but how to do it safely is paramount.
  • Processes that once worked, might no longer. Your workforce is smaller and roles have shifted. The business you’ve known isn’t business as usual.
  • How organizations work together is profoundly altered. However, the need for team based problem-solving has never been more important.
  • Policy and procedure need credible rationale. Many will find their way through defining what’s needed only to find the real challenge is getting everyone on board.

Kaufman Global is perfectly positioned to help – RIGHT NOW.

  • We are experts in process design and implementation.
  • Our ability to engage and work with teams to solve complex problems is proven.
  • We are recognized leaders in the area of process discipline and procedural adherence.

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Process design
  • Process and value stream mapping
  • Information flow / communication methods
  • Metrics and tracking
  • Functional interfaces
Team-based problem solving
  • Facilitation: Workshops, Kaizen Events, Rapid Improvement Events – virtual and in-person
  • Team training
  • Gap analysis
  • Opportunity identification and prioritization
  • Project and implementation planning
Process discipline and procedural adherence
  • Change management
  • Communication
  • Organizational dynamics
  • Visual systems, metrics and tracking
  • Coaching and behaviors
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