Kaizen Event

Develop Lean Skills and Energize Your Team

Go from problem statement to applied solutions in one week.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global partners with your people to define current state processes and expose and quantify “as-is” performance.

Fast Impact

We facilitate the team to develop a future state process where waste and variation are eliminated to yield efficiency and flow.

Enduring Confidence

Our “bias-for-action” energizes the team to execute rapid solutions with clarity.

‘As-is’ mapping with ‘to-be’ implementation for ‘right-now’ results

A Kaizen Event is a chartered, sponsored and facilitated workshop that focuses a dedicated team on an under-performing process or function.

Kaizen Events achieve significant results in a short period of time while engaging the organization in hands-on learning. The format utilizes a time-bounded (usually 3 to 5 days) approach to problem solving that minimizes waste and maximizes productivity. Lean techniques commonly utilized include: value stream mapping, hand-off and RACI charting, brainstorming, modified affinity diagramming, and impact / difficulty matrices, among others.

Since value is best understood where it is created, workshop participants should be a cross-functional team of individuals who are directly involved in or close to the process. This ensures content expertise and a view upstream and downstream, from internal and external customers.

When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Kaizen Events are a powerful implementation tool. However, their use must be balanced and integrated into an approach that provides the structure and cadence necessary for process changes to be sustainable. We can help you determine if this approach is the right one for your specific challenge.

Success Framework

  • Team Size: ~5 to 9 people. Inside the process, upstream and downstream.
  • 1 Sponsor + 1 Facilitator
  • Duration: Usually 3 to 5 days.
  • Charter and measurable objectives set prior to event (lead time, quality, cost, etc.).


  • Hospitals / Healthcare / Human Services
  • Manufacturing / Operational Processes
  • Office / Functional Procedures
  • Supply / Value Chain Optimization

Want expert facilitation for your Kaizen Event?

We can help. Kaufman Global has completed hundreds of Kaizen Events across all types of businesses, industries and sectors. Contact us to learn about the right application of this powerful approach.