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There is no faster way to engage your people in dissecting and fixing a critical process.

A Kaizen Event is a chartered, sponsored and facilitated workshop that focuses a dedicated team on an under-performing process or function. It is an important weapon in the pursuit of improvement and Kaufman Global has completed hundreds of them over our 20 years of work.

Kaizen Events (also known as Rapid Improvement Events) achieve significant results in a short period of time while engaging the organization in hands-on learning. Hallmarks of a well planned and executed Kaizen Event include:

  • A narrow, well-defined scope and objectives
  • Solutions driven by cross-functional teams to ensure buy-in and process ownership
  • Quick, measurable results

Lean techniques commonly utilized include: value stream mapping, hand-off and RACI charting, brainstorming, modified affinity diagramming, and impact / difficulty matrices, among others.


Kaizen Events in office processes have their subtle differences. The work is often less visible and may affect several departments. To learn more about how we address these issues in functional areas, read our White Paper: Special Considerations for Rapid Improvement in Office Kaizen.

Do It Now and Get It Done

The Basics

  • Team Size: 5-9 people. Inside the process, upstream and downstream
  • 1 Sponsor and 1 Facilitator
  • Duration: 3 to 5 days


  • Wherever people and process come together


The power of the team means dramatic improvement in productivity, quality, service quality and asset utilization. Visit our results page to see powerful examples.

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