Lean Leadership ®

Align, Sustain and Continually Improve

Increase team participation and refine your decision-making.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global delivers the appropriate Lean Leadership program to your organization’s leaders and select staff.

Fast Impact

We deliver hands-on training that helps build a culture of continuous improvement to engage people and solve problems – everyday.

Enduring Confidence

At a program’s end, certified participants have the skills to lead improvement, involve everyone and implement vital change.

Drive alignment, ensure sustainability and establish a continuous improvement culture.

Lean Leadership is about leading in a way that encourages broad participation and better decision making. Kaufman Global Lean Leadership programs prepare management and select internal resources to effectively lead and drive beneficial changes while dealing with the challenges of day-to-day operations.

Our Lean Leadership Executive Programs begin with an energizing multi-day workshop that defines the characteristics of enduring improvement cultures. These sessions focus on the pivotal role of leadership in transforming their part of the business. In parallel, our Lean Leadership Flight Programs deliver multi-week boot-camp learning to deeply skill high potential staff who then work to propel applied Lean thinking and protocols within their locations.

Training is delivered by top professionals who merge practical experience and pragmatic change management methods. Hands-on exercises cement concepts for immediate application and tangible results. Flight program participants are recognized and certified.

Lean Leadership Program Components

  • Executive Workshops
  • Managers’ Lean Overview
  • Multi-Week, Hands-On Training

To learn more about our approach to building internal OpEx capability, read our white paper, Developing Operational Excellence Leaders.

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