Strategic Partnership: Skovinen and Kaufman Global

Skovinen and Kaufman Global are excited to announce our strategic partnership ― combining the expertise of two consulting leaders, who together, now offer our clients next-level operational excellence project insights and execution to gain breakthrough results.

Our alliance merges cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies with proven change management, process restructuring and implementation acumen. Our approach not only tackles the technical aspects of our clients’ business challenges, but also considers and integrates the larger business context, strategies, and objectives. This ensures that our solutions deliver measurable, sustainable performance results.

About Skovinen: Artificial Intelligence: Real Results! We solve complex business issues leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies (Machine Learning / Deep Learning) coupled with keen analytical insights to drive fact-based, enduring improvements. Moreover, we present you a clear roadmap to accurately track financial benefits from such improvements, the most persuasive foundation from which to underpin and sustain long-term implementation success.

About Kaufman Global: Kaufman Global is a hands-on implementation partner whose focus is accelerating performance. For 30 years, we’ve worked with clients worldwide to drive enterprise-wide improvement initiatives. Tapping into Lean, Office Kaizen and proprietary change management techniques, Kaufman Global delivers structured implementation and transformation projects that earn and achieve ongoing value through lasting operational and functional change.

Contact us to learn more about how this powerful strategic partnership can benefit your organization.

leadership quotes regarding strategic partnership between Kaufman Global and Skovinen

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