Kaizen Action Sheet (KAS) System

A Kaizen Action Sheet (KAS) is a single sheet of paper that provides a way for an individual to suggest process improvements within their work area. The document is simple. It asks for a description of the current method and the idea for improvement. Drawings and basic diagrams are recommended. The KAS is hand written.

Any member of a work team can submit a KAS. It is submitted to a folder on the Primary Visual Display (PVD) Board for the supervisor or team leader to review with the work team during the daily shift start-up meeting. Once agreed, the KAS moves sequentially through a series of folders on the PVD as the idea is implemented by the workgroup. KAS activities are tracked and posted to the PVD as well.

The Kaizen Action Sheet System is part of the Lean Daily Management System (LDMS). It is the primary technique for the activation of Kaizen: small, incremental improvements. It is a powerful engagement mechanism that allows individuals and teams to directly impact team and process performance in real time. One of the truest manifestations of the concept of Kaizen, KAS can be applied to any work environment.

KAS is one of the most essential parts of any Lean Daily Management System.

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