Analysis and Implementation Design

Get Ready for Big Results

Step one for complex implementation projects.

Fast Action

We start with business objectives then engage the organization to develop data-supported conclusions quickly.

Fast Impact

The things that can be fixed now rise to the surface. We call these “quick-hits” and they energize the organization for bigger challenges.

Enduring Confidence

Good data, the right people and thoughtful analysis delivers a bullet-proof project design every time.

You want a roadmap you can navigate to a winning ROI.

When problems are more complex, you need to understand specific outcomes prior to implementation. Strategic decisions, market impacts, geographies, integrations and other intricate business issues are good candidates for this process.

Analysis and Implementation Design (A&ID) measures perceived problems against actual data to find out what is really going on. In the process, the organization starts to mobilize and get ready for changes to come. Together we (Kaufman Global and you the client) develop a detailed business case with Return on Investment (ROI) and a project roadmap to achieve it.

A&ID takes a deep dive into operational, financial, organizational and cultural factors. The project plan we build includes team roles, a metrics dashboard, workstreams, stage-gates, timing and deliverables. The A&ID process eliminates ambiguity. It tells you what’s going to happen, when it will be done and what the results will be.


  • Multiple-site initiatives
  • Supply chain
  • Global footprint evaluation
  • Complex, single-site project with multiple presenting issues
  • Projects where a specific ROI is required
  • Functional and business process projects with lots of moving people and parts

Need to know where you stand?

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