Analysis and Implementation Design

A comprehensive operations analysis that gives you specific levers to deliver the business case

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Know exactly what to do to make change happen and get the ROI.

Analysis and Implementation Design (A&ID) is the right step if you need to understand the IF THEN statement: “If I do these things, then we will get these results.” Before starting a major change initiative, reduce risk by fully understanding your as-is and establishing a data-driven path foward.

Analysis and Implementation Design Cycle

The Analysis and Implementation Design Cycle

We put a deeply experienced team on the ground to evaluate the business, the organization and the financial impact of rapidly improving your business outcomes. Our approach is standard, but the contents of the work are always custom. We look at things like market impacts, geographies, integration activities, supply chains and of course; operations.

A&ID measures perceived problems against actual data to find out what is really going on. In the process, the organization starts to mobilize and get ready for changes to come. Together we  develop a detailed business case with Return on Investment (ROI) and a project roadmap to achieve it.

No Surprises: The project plan we build includes team roles, a metrics dashboard, work streams, stage-gates, timing and deliverables. The A&ID process eliminates ambiguity. It tells you what’s going to happen, when it will be done and what the results will be.

A&ID Carefully Considers…

Objectives – What needs to happen? What results are required? What will occur if something doesn’t happen?

Targets – What are the perceived performance hot spots? Is it operations, supply chain, business process, asset utilization, inventory?

People – How many people are involved? What’s going on inside the organization? Who will be on our joint team?

Geography – One location or multiple locations? What countries? Special travel, security and language requirements?

Financials and Metrics – How do we know if we’re moving the needle?

Timing – When do we start?

Depending on the above, A&ID activities typically span 3 – 6 weeks.

Need a validated business case and detailed implementation plan to achieve specific results? Let’s talk.