Operations Analysis

Understand Your Gaps

It’s obvious when things aren’t working. We help you figure out why and what to do about it.

Fast Action

We jointly define the potential for results, drive internal alignment on the path forward and quantify the ROI.

Fast Impact

With a detailed action plan and mobilized team, you can immediately begin capturing results.

Enduring Confidence

You’ll be equipped with the tools and skills to keep building on your new foundation.

Rapid Performance Evaluation

Kaufman Global’s Rapid Performance Evaluation (RPE) is our proven method for evaluating current performance and then prioritizing improvement activities.

Inside of two days on site, understand your performance against over 20 world-class benchmarks. Along with ratings and prioritized opportunities, you get recommendations about how to close the gaps and align everyone on top priorities.

Our approach is powerful and transparent. We use a joint evaluation team to balance internal and external views, ensuring internal commitment and buy-in to the results.

Analysis and Implementation Design

We use the Analysis and Implementation Design approach when problems are more complex and you need to understand specific, detailed outcomes prior to implementation. Strategic decisions, market impacts, geographies, integrations and other intricate business issues are good candidates for this process.

A&ID takes a deeper dive into operational, financial and cultural factors to produce a detailed business case, an implementation roadmap, stage gates and organizational alignment around what’s required to deliver the desired results.

Case Studies and Articles

White Paper: Process Mapping

Discover the key analysis tool of process mapping, which reveals how organizational processes are truly performed and identifies opportunities for rapid improvement and applying best practices.

Let’s Work Together

Operationally Excellent organizations do three things: Align their leaders. Engage their people. Fix things. Let’s talk.