Lean Layout and Facility Design

Optimize Asset, People, and Traffic Flows

Lean layout establishes a physical foundation for optimized flow.

Fast Action

We get the right people together in a series of mini-workshops to rapidly confirm location and business line requirements.

Fast Impact

Leveraging stakeholder expertise and data analysis we quickly determine recommended design changes that promote safety, flow and efficiency.

Enduring Confidence

Because our process is data and end-user input driven, reaching consensus on necessary design compromises is assured via team review and buy-in.

Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield, getting your facility design right is key.

The layout and design of any facility is a time intensive and expensive endeavor. User requirements often come in slowly and can turn out to be more “wants” than true “needs” once the data is analyzed.

To ensure that the true requirements for facility footprint and flow are established early in the engineering and construction process, Kaufman Global conducts Lean Layout and Facility Design Workshops. These sessions are held with empowered representatives from each area to evaluate their needs and workflow requirements against the current state design of the new facility.

Our process is end-user centric as we facilitate teams through activities that assess:

  • Space requirements and layout options by product / business line
  • Capacity demands to, through, and from common areas / facilities
  • Material movement with a focus on crane and forklift requirements
  • Traffic / people flows
  • QHSE requirements

We establish constraints for changes, identify and make a case for waste elimination opportunities, and recommend improvement changes for incorporation into the final detailed design. The end result is strong consensus on the path forward and significant financial savings because missteps and re-do’s are minimized.

Lean Tools Utilized

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Capacity Planning
  • Flow Analysis
  • Focus Interviews

Balance end-user requirements with an objective perspective on space allocation and flow.

The sooner everyone can agree on what the flow ought to be, the sooner the benefits start. Let’s talk about how to make that happen.