Short Interval Coaching

Two doughboys having a conversation

Short Interval Coaching (SIC) is frequent standard coaching sessions at short intervals.  Short Interval Coaching (SIC) happens frequently – daily or weekly. It’s proactive. Emerging issues enter the conversation naturally. SIC is especially important for supervisors and team leaders where they visit the work area frequently and ask questions about workers activities, progress and impediments – this is the coaching part. Short interval coaching is one of 5 core elements of the Lean Daily Management System® (LDMS).

The practice originates from an understanding that supervisors and managers often get bogged down with administrative activities and too-frequent meetings when they should be spending a large portion of their time with their teams and subordinates.

Coaching engages people and improves outcomes. It guides a person or team through a process or circumstance. Instead of providing answers, coaches ask leading questions followed by constructive feedback and observations.

Style Counts: Don’t be dismissive or directive. This is a discussion with two-way communication. Timing is important – ask for permission. A good coaching session is conversational and reflective.


The percentage of time that supervisors and managers spend in the work area can be diagnosed via Day-In-The-Life or “DILO” analysis. Short Interval Coaching is one aspect of Leader Standard Work. In a Lean enterprise, we are attempting to move the organization from reactive, to proactive and focused problems solving.

A chart that shows traditional problem solving vs problem solving in a Lean enterprise

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