Short Interval Coaching (SIC)

Short Interval Coaching (SIC) as its name implies, is frequent standard coaching sessions at “short intervals.” The practice originates from an understanding that supervisors and managers often get bogged down with administrative activities and too-frequent meetings when they should be spending a large portion of their time with their teams and subordinates. Short interval is simply the daily schedule of rounds that the supervisor makes through the work area where they ask questions about workers activities, progress and impediments – this is the coaching part.


  • Short Interval Coaching is one element of Kaufman Global’s Lean Daily Management System (LDMS). The Primary Visual Display Board of the LDMS provides a focal point for discussion and coaching.
  • The percentage of time that supervisors and managers spend in the work area can be diagnosed via Day-In-The-Life or “DILO” analysis.
  • In the world of Lean, attempts have been made to integrate the concept of Short Interval Coaching into the idea of Leader Standard Work.
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