Operational Excellence

A performance system that aligns the organization, engages your people and improves processes

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To be operationally excellent, the enterprise must possess the ability to improve itself.

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is the standard work of continuous improvement. It’s the system inside the enterprise that enables peak performance. The best OpEx environments don’t require a crisis to initiate change and are built to allow improvement to happen naturally.

Fundamentally, OpEx can be thought of as getting the organization involved in preventing and solving problems. Many businesses find it difficult to strike the right balance, often focusing on the tools more than the people. The most vital aspects of OpEx are aligning the organization toward common improvement goals and making the work relevant for all participants.

Kaufman Global has helped dozens of clients with OpEx design and implementation. Whether it’s a single location or a multi-site, cross-functional global enterprise, we can help you establish the right balance from the start and successfully migrate real change.


How are other organizations evolving their Operational Excellence systems? The chart below is from our 4Q16 Operational Excellence Survey and reflects how the organizations who participated in the study organize their OpEx programs. Want to read the entire survey? Request your copy using the contact form to the right —>

Operational Excellence attributes across multiple organizations


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Kaufman Global’s OpEx Survey: Find Out About Global Best Practices

We conducted a comprehensive survey of experts in our network to find out how OpEx was evolving within their organizations. We consolidated the results into 16 key topic areas with trend information, highlighted with keen insights and quotes from more than 40 top transformation leaders. Register and download Kaufman Global’s OpEx Survey Report to find out:

  • How they are working to transform and sustain
  • Data-supported conclusions about what works, what doesn’t and why
  • The single most important factor for winning OpEx
  • Fatal mistakes that derail even the best
  • The formula for success
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