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An Examination of Operational Excellence – a Survey Report

A Kaufman Global report examining how organizations construct, use and think about OpEx.

Procedural Adherence and Risk

Learn how to reduce procedural adherence problems and boost performance with behaviors that influence how employees view and deal with risk.

On Procedural Adherence

Procedural adherence means executing against a defined set of standards in a particular way, even when alternative approaches could achieve the same result.

Implementing Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing has become synonymous with world-class OpEx under various names – synchronous, pull, demand flow, flexible, cellular…

Developing Operational Excellence Leaders

The OpEx Leader’s function is easy to understand, yet organizations often struggle with getting this role right.

Asset Velocity is Cycle Time

Between the idea and the money there are two things: value and waste.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology & the Organization

An examination of basic, non-negotiable truths about project management, technology change, social dynamics, human behavior and leadership.

Defining World-Class Practices

An alternative to traditional benchmarking that enabling leaders from every functional area to compare their performance to known standards.

Engage the Organization for a Performance Culture

Understanding how to achieve a performance culture, why it’s so elusive, and what it takes to make it reliable is the key to sustainable improvement.

Evaluating Continuous Improvement Effectiveness with the 20 Keys®

This white paper discusses how to apply the Kaufman Global 20 Keys ® methodology and template to benchmark improvement progress for any operation.

Integrated Product Development

When properly implemented, IPD creates a formidable competitive advantage by connecting the entire value chain to deliver products and services on target.

Integrating Lean and Six Sigma

Both Lean and Six Sigma have a significant lexicon of tools, techniques and approaches. Learn how they can be applied for maximum result in any environment.

Leading Purposeful Change: Lean Daily Management System ®

This paper describes the essence of daily management for workgroups and why this is THE essential ingredient in Lean transformation.

Modifying Organizational Behavior for Improved Performance

Learn how organizational behavior impacts operational improvement and the leverage points for change.

Office Kaizen

Learn how to systematically create a culture of effective communication, proactive issue resolution, waste elimination, and continuous improvement in functional areas.

Process Mapping

Learn about these powerful techniques for “seeing” a process and uncovering wastes through the use of VSM, brown papers, swim lanes and function mapping.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Learn how to implement a system of skills and processes that reduce overall maintenance costs and improve process reliability.

Special Considerations for Rapid Improvement in Office Kaizen

Rapid improvement in office processes is possible, but the Kaizen Event approach deserves some special considerations for functional / administrative application.

Stand Down Events for 5S

A Stand Down Day is an intense, one-day problem-solving event that results in identifying prioritized solutions for eliminating waste.

Transforming Operations Into a Strategic Competitive Weapon

This paper outlines an actual case study of a Kaufman Global client who needed fast action and fast results in a down market.

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