Improving E&P Order-to-Cash

Case Study: Oil and Gas

Project Highlights

Improve OTC services and transactional processes

Targets: customer set-up, order entry, invoice creation

Train-the-trainer program to deliver internal facilitators

Rapid Improvement Event approach to drive fast results


Less error correction time


Faster invoicing time


Faster customer set-up


Facilitators trained


Process owner designated

Create internal Lean capability via train-the-trainer.

An international E&P had identified various areas of “waste” and “discretionary” activity in their Order-to-Cash (OTC) business process. They required an accelerated method for improving OTC that would: 1) make it easier for customers to do business with them, 2) make it easier to provide service, and 3) lower the overall cost to provide service.

Kaufman Global was selected to train a team of internal facilitators in process improvement methodologies, blending classroom training with the conduct of events to provide hands-on experience to trainees. This “learn-do” method of capability transfer allowed the team to attack OTC processes in real-time, delivering bottom line results and a robust internal team within 12 weeks from the start of the project.

“I’m simply amazed that commercial and retail could work together.”

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