Managers Lean Overview

Lead a Problem-Solving Culture

Understand leadership’s role in transformation.

Fast Action

The workshop gets your leaders up to speed on their critical role in driving change.

Fast Impact

Together, we identify high-priority targets that deliver immediate value.

Enduring Confidence

Participants gain career skills that help them better lead a high-performance organization.

Practical techniques, a focus on real issues, and strong engagement

The Managers Lean Overview (MLO) is a two-day workshop where top leaders acquire practical insights into their pivotal role to engage people in a lasting improvement culture that consistently lifts results.

The workshop concentrates on practical actions that compel everyone to demand and expect daily, measurable performance improvement.

Participants gain a comprehensive overview of lean leadership structures, behaviors and concepts required to sustain world‐class performance.

Further, this workshop truly delivers by giving each participant a step‐by‐step template linked to organization‐specific imperatives that can be applied immediately to secure predictable results.

Applied Learning

  • Lean tools and techniques
  • The Lean Enterprise and the leaders role
  • How to develop a team culture for daily problem-solving
  • How to sustain beneficial change

Participating Leaders

  • Office, Administrative and Cross-Functional
  • Factory, Operational and Supply Chain

If you need your leaders aligned about Lean and what they must do, this workshop is for you. Let’s talk.

We customize content to deliver amazing results. The Managers Lean Overview has standard content that is proven over time. At the same time, every session is fit for purpose to meet the specific needs of your organizations and the challenges you face.