Supervisor Training

Up-Skill the Front Line

Enable supervisors to improve performance.

Fast Action

Standard training modules are fit-for-purpose and delivered in-situ.

Fast Impact

In a learn-by-doing environment, participants immediately begin applying new skills to their daily work.

Enduring Confidence

Go beyond fixing broken processes in the work area and learn the tactics of leading and engaging workgroups for ongoing success.

What if all your supervisors had a basic understanding and common vocabulary about how to improve processes, engage people and drive positive change?

Too often, it’s sink or swim. Supervisors and managers on the front line play a pivotal role in enterprise performance. But usually they are left to their own devices with massive distractions and too little training and development about how to engage their people and drive continuous improvement.

Supervisor training is an essential part of Kaufman Global’s rich portfolio of skill development workshops, learning curriculums and training materials. Training consists of the basics of Lean and Six Sigma techniques, along with leadership and communication skills, dealing with resistance, and change management.

This isn’t just class-room work. We develop skills in the work area during the training so participants can see and feel the difference they can make. Their existing technical knowledge is supplemented with new abilities that enable them to better manage resources, be proactive in performance and expectation setting, and improve management skills. Supervisors learn to utilize Lean principals to drive outcomes (plan / actual / variance)  linked to business needs and actively enroll their teams in the process.

Curriculum Example

  • Lean Tools: Workflow, 5S, Error Proofing, Inventory, etc.
  • Leadership, Communication and Reporting
  • Workgroup Engagement via the Lean Daily Management System ®
  • Change Management, Coaching and Proactive Problem Solving


  • Functional, Business Process, Engineering

  • Production: Discrete Manufacturing, Continuous Flow, etc.
  • Services: Healthcare, Oilfield, Supply Chain

Supervisors are the critical link in operational improvement. Their effectiveness means better team effectiveness.

Kaufman Global has helped client organizations develop internal skills and capabilities around the world for over 20 years. We know what to do and how to make it work for you. Contact us and we’ll share our insights.