Operational Excellence

A System for Continuous Improvement

Prevent and solve problems to perform at peak potential.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global teams with you to develop and customize your organization’s OpEx strategy.

Fast Impact

With a sound approach in place, we help you quickly mobilize and begin applying proven systems and methods.

Enduring Confidence

With a balanced approach to managing alignment, engagement and process issues, sustainability is strengthened.

Enabling the competitive enterprise to improve itself.

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is the standard work of continuous improvement. It’s the system inside the enterprise that enables it to perform at its peak potential. The best OpEx environments don’t require a crisis to initiate change and are built to allow improvement to happen naturally.

Formally, OpEx can be thought of as getting the organization involved in preventing and solving problems. Many businesses find it difficult to strike the right balance, however, and struggle with several issues. The most vital aspects of OpEx are aligning the organization toward common improvement goals and making the work relevant for all participants.

Kaufman Global has helped dozens of clients with OpEx design and implementation. Whether it’s a single location or a multi-site, cross-functional global enterprise, we can help you establish the right balance from the start. 

Key Elements of Strong OpEx

  • Executive Steering
  • Improvement Roadmap
  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Measures
  • Communications
  • Lean Daily Management System
  • Tools and Methods

Read our survey report, An Examination of Operational Excellence, for a detailed look at the current state of OpEx.

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