Lean Enterprise

Lean Enterprise is a comprehensive business model that actively engages leadership and associates to plan for and apply practical continuous improvement concepts. Grounded in the tenets of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean Enterprise delivers a clear value-adding proposition for the consumer.

A Lean Enterprise is one that has prepared and developed its people and culture to passionately focus on delivering customer value.  At the same time, the system compels and sustains broad and deep operational excellence throughout production, the back office and the value chain.

Elements of the Lean Enterprise

  • A fervent quest to optimize work for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Active daily coaching to pursue and remove barriers
  • Process waste elimination and measurement of same
  • Structured, team-based problem solving
  • Focus on the entire value stream*

*Value Stream Focus means the application of the 5 Lean Principles is expanded beyond the more traditional four walls of manufacturing to include all internal functions, external suppliers and on through to final product and service delivery support.

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