Office Kaizen

Office Kaizen is the application of Lean techniques to business process, administrative, functional and non-manufacturing areas. Office Kaizen is a set of proven methods and tactical tools for non-manufacturing improvement. The word kaizen is drawn from Japanese origins and effectively translates to continuous improvement. Office Kaizen is not merely a translation of Lean production methods to office or service environments. Rather, it:

  • Is an evolution of proven best practices of Lean thinking applied to non-manufacturing areas
  • Recognizes the similarities to production but focuses on transactions, information and communication.
  • Works on the distinct differences in the office environment, culture and work flow.

What Office Kaizen Does

Lean is the premier operating philosophy in competitive environments. No other approach is proven to be as consistent or predictable in significantly reducing inventory, cycle time and costs while increasing quality. Despite such pronounced success, there remains equal or greater potential for many organizations to address business process, administrative, functional and support areas. Office Kaizen:

  • Maps and visualizes business and transactional processes
  • Identifies functional overlap and gaps
  • Provides clear understanding of roles and accountabilities
  • Eliminates wastes – especially lead, process and cycle times
  • Improves quality and customer retention
  • Optimizes business process
  • Engages Natural Work Groups for sustainability and continuous improvement

Target Rich Environment

Opportunities abound. Consider:

  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Development / Value Engineering
  • Finance / Accounting / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
  • Business Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Integration

Focus Areas

Kaufman Global’s 20 Keys of Office Kaizen is a good way to think about some of the focal points.

20 Keys of Office Kaizen Kaufman Global

Want to learn more? See our Lean Office service page for details.

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