Muda is the Japanese term for ‘waste,’ now commonly used to define the kinds of inefficiencies that exist in typical business operations. While many organizations consider there to be eight kinds of muda, Kaufman Global’s thinking has evolved to considering four categories and nine types of Lean waste. In the late 90s, an eighth waste that acknowledged the value of people began to appear. That “waste” has been described in a number of ways, including: intellect, creativity, involvement, etc. In the time since it has become increasingly apparent that the people aspect still receives too little attention and prior descriptions have not been specific enough. Kaufman Global gets more direct by describing the People Energy wastes of Engagement and Alignment.

  • Inventory
  • Movement
  • Overproduction
  • Defects
  • Overprocessing
  • (People) Motion
  • Waiting
  • Engagement
  • Alignment


Waste Wheel for Lean manufacturing


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