Cross Training

Cross Training is a skills development practice where workers learn multiple job skills outside of their primary responsibilities in order to increase operational flexibility. This practice is also known as skills versatility and is often deployed within intact work groups who routinely work on common processes or in close proximity to each other.

Cross training progression is often tracked via a skills versatility matrix posted on the work group’s primary visual display board. This matrix identifies the critical skills required for the area and the work group’s team members. Proficiency is tracked at each intersection between employee and skill, and ranges from 25% – 100%. Team members at 100% efficiency are considered content experts and are eligible to provide training to other team members on this skill.

The benefits of cross training include: more knowledgeable employees, scheduling flexibility, increased feelings of awareness and ownership of the organization’s broader value streams / functions, and enabling opportunities for employee advancement.

Cross training / skills versatility matrix

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