A charter helps define a standard approach to organizing special projects and teams. It is a formal document approved by leadership that describes and bounds the scope of a project or change team that require time and resources of the organization.

Charters are important because they provide focus and direction that:

  • Assures leadership and change teams are aligned
  • Clearly communicates what work is to be performed by a specific team
  • Defines project scope, major activities and expected results
  • Aids in team design and the selection of participants
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities
  • Aids in communicating purpose of the team to the organization

Critical to moving a project or team forward, a Charter should be:

  • Developed by the project team
  • Validated with the Sponsor
  • Approved by the Executive Steering Committee / Leadership
  • Actioned by the Project Team with support from Sponsor

Following a standard template and limited to one to two pages, major elements of a charter should include: Scope, objectives, team members, sponsor, activities and schedule.

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