6 Big Losses in Equipment Efficiency

One of the major goals of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and OEE (Operating Equipment Effectiveness) focused programs is to reduce and / or eliminate what are called the Six Big Losses — the most common causes of equipment related efficiency loss in manufacturing. The Six Big Losses are:

  1. equipment failure (breakdown) loss: Largest of all losses, it includes function-stoppage where failure occurs unexpectedly and function-deterioration where failure occurs / performance decreases over time.
  2. set-up and adjustment loss: Losses due to downtime from changeover and minor process adjustments.
  3. speed loss: Slowing the equipment down to produce good quality.
  4. minor stoppage and idling loss: Losses we tend “to put up with” such as part hanging and pushing the reset button.
  5. defect and rework loss: Downtime and manpower losses.
  6. start-up/yield loss: Equipment warm-up and stabilization.
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