Procedural Adherence

Procedural adherence is defined as the sequence of events that include work tasks, processes and multiple participants to complete complex objectives. Procedural adherence results from Aligned values and explicit behaviors that demonstrate the highest regard for following established standards to minimize risk.

The chart below shows the three main reasons for poor performance and why solutions are not simply technical. Behaviors are targeted to achieve better process discipline and behaviors are supported by techniques such as standard work instructions and training.

Procedural adherence is defined as techniques and behaviors

Procedural adherence means executing against a defined set of standards in a particular way, even when it’s possible that alternative approaches could achieve the same result. When standards are arbitrary, we get chaos ― an environment where infinite possibilities exist and individual preferences prevail. This way of doing things leads to outcomes that are anything but certain and, more importantly…  provides no baseline upon which to build systematic improvements.



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