Cross-functional Team

A Cross-functional Team is a group of individuals from different areas and functions working together to perform certain tasks and achieve specific objectives.

Cross-Funtional Team with departiments noted

In operations, a cross-functional team might be the site-leadership team for a production facility. Sometimes cross-functional teams are formed to solve difficult and complex value stream problems such as sales and operations planning or product development.

In modern organizations, the executive staff of a company is usually comprised of different leaders of each function: Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Engineering, Sales, etc. Often this is the best example of cross-functional teams in the entire enterprise. It is difficult to establish true cross-functional teamwork lower in the organization because everyone is so focused on their own functions objectives.

Yet, cross-functional teamwork is one of the highest potential opportunities for organizations that seek true operational excellence. One way to jump-start cross-functional teamwork is to establish shared metrics between multiple functions.

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