Transforming Operations

Case Study: Industrial Equipment

Project Highlights

Consolidated 23 facilities to 8 and improved productivity

Installed corporate Op-Ex system

Engaged management and union to accelerate results

Business unit wins Chairman’s award for most improved


Savings in year one


Work teams engaged


Sq.Ft. Floor space eliminated


Lower COGS


Inventory reduction

Establish a Lean culture to change the way we operate.

Experiencing significant pressure from competitors, this high volume manufacturer of industrial equipment needed to position its divisions as more cost-effective and quality focused. Leadership determined to use Lean Manufacturing methods to both obtain immediate significant benefits in competitiveness and provide the foundation for continuing improvements into the future.

Kaufman Global partnered with the client’s internal consulting organization to jointly execute the core elements of the transformation plan: 1) obtain immediate cash-positive results, 2) establish the basis for the development of a World-Class Lean Manufacturing Culture, 3) focus every employee on what needs to be done to move the sector towards its objectives and 4) resolve pressing operational concerns in key sites.

“One of the biggest things, from a corporate standpoint, is that (lean manufacturing) enabled us to generate year over year $500 million in free cash flow.”

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