An Examination of Operational Excellence – a Survey Report

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is another way of saying “comprehensive process improvement”. As a function it is more robust than it has ever been. This report examines how organizations construct, use and think about OpEx.

Kaufman Global has been working on OpEx with a diverse client base for more than twenty years. Collected here is trend information and insights from people we’ve met and whose opinions we trust. They shared their experience with us, and we’ve included our point of view as well.

Dig deep with insights from over 40 top transformation leaders. Find out:
• How they are working to transform and sustain
• Data-supported conclusions about what works, what doesn’t and why
• The single most important factor for winning OpEx
• Fatal mistakes that derail even the best
• The formula for success

This report is rich in content and illuminated with understanding that only comes from real experience. We are delighted to share these results with you and hope you can use them as you work to transform and improve your enterprise.