Modifying Organizational Behavior for Improved Performance

Download this Modifying Organizational Behavior for Improved Performance White Paper if you want to learn about how organizational behavior impacts operational improvement and the leverage points for change. This paper covers a range of topics with emphasis on the ALPS model for change:

  • Activities – The ongoing functions that an organization must conduct in order to survive over the long-term and sustain itself day-to-day. Essentially, they are the principle categories of behaviors performed by an organization.
  • Leverage Points – The control surfaces that can be modified to change an organization. The success of an organization change effort is determined by the extent to which these controls are successfully manipulated at the right time and in the right context.
  • Synergies – These are powerful, interactive forces that result from changes in the above two components. They cannot be directly controlled because they are both “leading edge” indicators of the present / past organization and “trailing indicators” of the success of all new change efforts.

Organizations are incredibly complex but also somewhat predictable once you understand their dynamics and how to affect them.