Batch Manufacturing RPE

Case Study: Electro-Mechanical Pumps

Project Highlights

Assess potential to improve batch manufacturing operations

Team-based problem-solving started with RPE process

Major opportunities ID’d in quality, maintenance and inventory

Introduce Lean concepts to an organization hungry for change






1-year rating improvement


Discrete next steps


Savings identified

Assess improvement potential in a batch environment.

This client manufactures electro-mechanical pumps for sub-surface oilfield application. While they had developed an outstanding reputation for client satisfaction, delivery relied heavily on indirect labor. The client wanted to know what was possible by implementing Lean manufacturing techniques across the plant.

Kaufman Global conducted a Rapid Performance Evaluation (RPE) and identified two significant opportunities that would dramatically improve results and introduce a broader Lean operating system to the entire company:

  1. Technical – Rebalancing production processes to improve quality,  flow and batch optimization and implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) for improved equipment utilization.
  2. Organizational – Lean training, introduction of engagement and change management approaches via the Lean Daily Management System® at the work group level, and more formal “improving the operation” participation by the leadership team.

“It was a real pleasure to work with you during the RPE. I think the learning will be very important for us as we move forward.”

Plant Manager

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