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*Updated* Implementing Lean Manufacturing White Paper

Lean manufacturing, or Lean, is an integrated leadership philosophy, management system and set of tactical methods / tools that focuses on creating an operation with minimal amounts of non value-added activity.

*NEW* Developing Operational Excellence Leaders White Paper

The OpEx Leader’s function is easy to understand, yet organizations often struggle with getting this role right. These carefully selected and trained internal resources are the organization’s guide for beneficial change.

On Procedural Adherence White Paper

Procedural adherence means executing against a defined set of standards in a particular way, even when it’s possible that alternative approaches could achieve the same result. When standards are arbitrary, we get chaos – an environment where infinite possibilities exist and individual preferences prevail. This way of doing things leads to outcomes that are anything but certain, and more importantly… provides no baseline upon which to build systematic improvements.

Asset Velocity is Cycle Time White Paper

Cycle time is the most fundamental indicator of competitiveness in the world. Imagine where an idea for a product or service is generated and then, instantly, a customer pays for that product or service. Between the idea and the money there are two things: value and waste. The time for value and the time for waste come together to make cycle time.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology & the Organization White Paper

An examination of basic, non-negotiable truths about project management, technology change, social dynamics, human behavior and leadership.

Defining World-Class Practices White Paper

An alternative to traditional benchmarking that achieves consensus and alignment, enabling leaders from every functional area to look inward and compare their organization’s performance to known standards.

Engage the Organization for a Performance Culture

When an organization is formally and consistently engaged, a culture of performance follows. Understanding how this works, why it’s so elusive for many leaders and their organizations, and how to make it happen with reliability is the key to sustainable improvement.

Continuous Improvement and the 20 Keys ® White Paper

Measure Continuous Improvement effectiveness by leveraging Kaufman Global’s 20 Keys: a proven technique for benchmarking current performance against world-class standards and next-step guidance for ongoing improvement.

Integrated Product Development White Paper

IPD is not a discrete tool or system; it is a philosophy of work and people that employs a set of best practices and methods. When properly implemented, IPD creates a formidable competitive advantage.

Integrating Lean and Six Sigma White Paper

Lean installs a philosophy and practice of waste reduction. Six Sigma attacks problems with a range of statistically based, problem-solving tools. Here’s how to get the best of both.

Leading Purposeful Change with the Lean Daily Management System ® White Paper

A successful Lean implementation requires that the management system be designed so that leaders at all levels keep problems and needs visible and that they build plan-do-check-adjust (PDCA) thinking and actions into everyone’s work.

Modifying Organizational Behavior for Improved Performance White Paper

Download this Modifying Organizational Behavior for Improved Performance White Paper if you want to learn about how organizational behavior impacts operational improvement and the leverage points for change. This paper covers a range of topics with emphasis on the ALPS model for change

Office Kaizen White Paper

Office Kaizen is an approach to systematically creating a culture of effective communication, proactive issue resolution, waste elimination, and continuous improvement.

Process Mapping White Paper

Process mapping helps us visualize that cycle of learning and reveals how work is performed. When we can see work processes clearly, we can identify opportunities for rapid improvement and introduce best practices. Effective mapping shows us how products and services flow and paves the way to sustainable improvement.

Reducing Maintenance Costs White Paper

The evolution to maintenance excellence in any organization is dynamic. It involves implementing new methods and advancing technologies, as well as instilling into the organization the skills required to learn and effectively use them.

Lean Office Kaizen Event White Paper

Rapid improvement in office process is possible, but the Kaizen Event approach deserves special considerations. In offices, the processes are often less visible and the work may be in a single function, or affect several departments (for example: Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Purchasing, Information Technology, etc.).

Stand Down Events for 5S White Paper

A Stand Down Day is an intense, one-day problem-solving event that results in identifying prioritized solutions for eliminating waste. This white paper describes a typical, best practice 5S Stand Down Day in order to explain how to effectively execute one within the concept of a broader Lean transformation.

Transforming Operations Into a Strategic Competitive Weapon White Paper

Kaufman Global helped a leading, multi-site manufacturer of industrial and commercial equipment implement Lean manufacturing to obtain immediate, significant financial benefits and lay the foundation for ongoing Continuous Improvement. This white paper describes the results obtained during the first year of their Lean journey.

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