Operations Analysis

Case Study: Commercial Merchandising Equipment

Project Highlights

Define a plan to support cost reduction, growth and Lean adoption

Seasonal business requires flexibility to intro counter-cycle products

Significant mfg. issues: scrap, rework, incorrect BOMs / drawings

New ERP system unable to perform properly given the above


Less inventory


Reduction in floor space


Productivity increase


Faster order-to-ship time


Site members involved

Establishing a baseline to propel production excellence.

This client needed to rapidly reduce costs and propel growth within their commercial product lines. A three-week analysis revealed an organization fighting out-of-control business, manufacturing and IT processes that were resulting in production delays and angry customers. Kaufman Global developed a lean implementation plan that would aggressively address inventory, supply chain and productivity opportunities while enabling the desired production site capability.

The day after the analysis ended, the client requested we immediately begin implementation. Meaningful successes were achieved within the first week and included the decision of three valued-but-frustrated supervisory-level staff who had planned to resign deciding to stay.

“This is how we are going to run and improve the business into the future. It’s not a step function; it’s a radically different expectation for everyone and that’s what’s required to make it work.”

VP, Manufacturing

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