Improving Maintenance Operations for Fracking

Case Study: Oilfield Services

Project Highlights

Increase capacity to meet demand in a major North American play

Maintenance throughput and equipment uptime

Layout, flow, team make-up, staffing, standard work

Improved communications between leadership and staff


Productivity gain


More equip uptime


Operator engagement


Shop / yard layout & flow


Brick & mortar expansion

Enabling capacity and throughput increases.

The joint team conducted mapping activities to identify bottlenecks and constraints, and to analyze opportunities to improve maintenance planning, stores and operations (field) alignment. The shop and yard layout was evaluated for capacity and effectiveness of utilization, and to understand how and why equipment physically moved (or didn’t move) through the maintenance process. Gaps in staffing and skills versatility were addressed through the reorganization of teams, enabling clear leadership and coaching and a smoother operating workshop. Supplemental manning and crewing configurations were implemented to increase capacity.

The application of Lean tools and techniques, including facility layout and flow made significant contributions to improving capacity. However, some of the most dramatic improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance organization was driven by the adoption of the Lean Daily Management System® (LDMS®).

“HQ is buzzing about how we are doing this … The (on-site) team is engaged, excited and productive.”

Regional Maintenance Manager

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