Accelerating DTM for Drilling Operations

Case Study: Oil and Gas

Project Highlights

Significant reduction in NPT through faster rig moves

New planning process engages drillers, E&P & transport

Rig crews engaged daily in continuous improvement

Improved communications, metrics and visual systems


Faster rig moves


Leadership participation


Staff trained in Lean

4 x 4

Four rigs in 4 months


1 year project ROI

Shorten Demobilization | Transport | Mobilization cycles.

Non-productive time (NPT) is the enemy for an asset intensive business like drilling for oil. This client needed to reduce NPT by shortening the cycle of rig down, rig move and rig up, also known as Demobilization | Transport | Mobilization (DTM).

Kaufman Global facilitated a collaborative effort to align the drilling company’s internal Operations, Human Resources, and Maintenance functions with the external E&P client and third party logistics contractors. This enabled significant improvements in planning and communications. Fit-for-purpose training on the pads and at the rigs engaged the crews in Lean activities and led to the development of standard work documents for each rig type. The use of Kaizen Action Sheets, Primary Visual Display boards, metrics and crew change-over meetings drives ongoing improvement at the work group level while leadership stays connected through both local and HQ Steering Committees.

“We are seeing energy and a willingness to support change. An example of this is the fact there were 27 people at the planning session for this rig move. For the first planning session back in September there were fewer than 10.”

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