Achieving Production Predictability

Case Study: Tires

Project Highlights

Comprehensive operations realignment – 9 sites US and Asia

Targets: Throughput, inventory, quality and safety

Scheduling, maintenance, scrap, process discipline

Coaching, training and change management at all levels


Additional Revenue


Productivity improvement


Lower safety incident rate than national ave


Faster changeover times


Improvement events

Prepare facility for pull scheduling system adoption.

A tire manufacturer needed to reduce rework and improve machine stability as a foundation for the implementation of a pull scheduling system. Enlisting external support, Kaufman Global provided oversight of the strategy, design and sequencing of the project through the development and launch of a multi-phased approach.

Phase 1 consisted of establishing cross-functional teams to enhance processes for improving changeover times and reducing machine breakdowns. Phase 2 involved the pull system development and associated pre-implementation work. To drive sustainable change, workgroups and task forces were mentored, trained, and engaged ― working side-by-side with Kaufman Global to actively apply Lean principles to their operations.

“My experiences are that they are not only knowledgeable on the subject of Lean, but they are very effective implementation agents. They involved all levels of stakeholders, including union members to help improve processes and were effective in getting buy-in from all groups associated with our manufacturing plants.”

Director of Manufacturing

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