OpEx On Demand

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Solve operations hot spots fast with expert KG Operational Excellence resources.

We augment your staff and work at your direction on critical business issues.

Every year, operational hot-spots appear, or known issues drag on performance. Most organizations have internal improvement specialists who could be applied, but getting them off of whatever they doing, and onto the latest red issue can be a hassle. And, some problems are better addressed from an external agent because we can push a little harder.

OpEx on Demand DescriptionBenefits

  • Gain access to fully vetted, expert team members that hit the ground running
  • Our people immediately bring a wealth of problem-solving skills to accelerate results
  • Leverage “outside eyes” who help get the work done while collaborating with you on best practices to enhance your internal programs moving forward
  • You significantly lower the costs typically associated with hiring, training, reviewing and separating a full time employee.


The value equation for you is huge. Kaufman Global’s OpEx on Demand provides fit-for-purpose resources to fill functional or operational excellence roles – anywhere in the world. Slot in one of our people to solve a problem  where you need it. We bring critical skills that include: leadership, process improvement, engagement, change management and operational excellence methods and techniques.

Mission critical resources applied

If the core issue that’s keeping you awake at night is “I just need help now,” let’s talk and see how getting some of our expert resources applied would speed your results.

Work Examples

  • Rapid Improvement and Kaizen Events
  • Process Mapping / Metrics / Reporting
  • Lean and OpEx Workshops and Training
  • Supply Chain
  • Plant and Manufacturing Operations
  • Oilfield Services Delivery

Skills and Capabilities

  • Problem-Solving and Implementation
  • Applied Process Improvement Know-how
  • Kaizen | Process Redesign Workshops
  • Employee Engagement | LDMS
  • Rapid Performance Evaluation | Baseline
  • Regional Integration Aligned with Business Language and Cultural Norms
It’s worth a conversation.