Lean Manufacturing

Powerfully Improve Your Competitiveness

Embrace Lean to drive simplicity, waste reduction and growth.

Fast Action

Kaufman Global deploys its project management system, first evaluating and designing an approach, then establishing a foundation for success.

Fast Impact

With several methods in place, we expand Lean methods to support functions and transition the system to a workgroup.

Enduring Confidence

Ongoing audits, reality checks and refinements help you maintain an ideal state.

Simplify processes, eliminate waste and reduce lead time.

Lean Manufacturing is a leadership philosophy, a management system and a set of tactical tools that, when universally implemented, is the single-most powerful strategy for improving a production operation’s competitiveness.

The benefits of Lean can drive a wide range of outcomes, including:

  • Reductions in material and process waste, inventory levels and quality defects
  • Increased asset utilization, cycle time, throughput and overall capacity
  • Enabled enterprise objectives such as aggressive cost reduction, growth and integration strategies

To achieve these kinds of results, we keep a few fundamentals front and center: First, ensuring management shares their vision of both the what and the how. Second, proactively addressing the organization’s natural resistance to change. And third, developing a complete strategy that integrates the use of tool and change-management approaches.

For All Manufacturing Types

  • Discrete
  • Continuous Flow
  • Batch
  • Build to Order

Common Tools and Techniques

  • Value Stream Map
  • Pull Systems / Kanban
  • Error Proofing
  • Quick Changeover / SMED
  • Standard Work
  • Cellular Layout

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