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Asset utilization, service quality and operational excellence

Within Oil and Gas, key measures like safety, asset utilization, service delivery and cost get much of the attention. Unfortunately, the underlying causes for poor performance — or, at least, slower-than-expected improvement — are often overlooked.

To complicate matters, dealing with vast geographies and organizations, sometimes-adversarial supplier-vendor relationships and ever-changing market conditions can have a whip-sawing effect in terms of priority shifts from quarter to quarter. The opportunity for the broad adoption of lean as a standard approach to improvement has a potential that the industry has only recently begun to tap into.

Kaufman Global approaches Oil and Gas with technical improvement solutions to common objectives like asset utilization and cost. At the same time, we bring a structured approach to engaging the organization to work together to make the results sustainable.

Examples of our work:

  • Global lean implementation in 30 countries
  • Oilfield maintenance effectiveness and efficiency
  • Business process: planning, tendering, human resources, finance, legal, etc.
  • Rig utilization: rig down, move and rig up
  • Process improvement and cost out
  • Manufacturing for Oil and Gas

Common Areas of Improvement

  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Utilization
  • Business Process
  • Procedural Adherence
  • Lean Facility Layout and Design
  • Employee Engagement

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