Align Your Team

When you need intense focus, we help you align on process fixes, priorities, decisions and actions.

Fast Action

Our workshops — customized to your specific needs — offer the quick, intense problem solving you desire.

Fast Impact

We engage key players in strategic dialog, requirements definition, team activities, and group learning to ensure meaningful and focused outcomes.

Enduring Confidence

Your teams emerge aligned and empowered, with solutions that rapidly action your operational aim.


Bringing teams together to learn and collaborate can be a powerful process, but it can also be messy. Internal politics, competing priorities and tight timelines can dilute well-intentioned efforts. Outside perspective helps. We collaborate to design each workshop around the group’s needs and use a process-centric approach that keeps everyone engaged.

Sessions we offer:

  • Leadership’s Role in Lean Transformation
  • Lean Facility Layout and Design / Move Planning
  • Customized strategic sessions

Rapid Improvement

Also known as Kaizen Events, Accelerated Change Process or Work Outs, RIEs are typically a one-week “small project” that focuses a dedicated team on fixing an underperforming process or function. While they aren’t the answer to every problem, we like RIEs because of their quick and powerful outcomes solving big problems fast and mobilizing and aligning teams to build organizational energy and enthusiasm.

Case Studies: Clients We’ve Served

White Paper: Special Considerations for Rapid Improvement in Office Kaizen

Discover more about how Rapid Improvement Events are executed to accelerate results, and the critical role they play in successful change initiatives.

Let’s Work Together

Operationally Excellent organizations do three things: Align their leaders. Engage their people. Fix things. Let’s talk.