Our Proven Implementation Model


Essential project management elements in one place.

Fast Action

SLIM-IT keeps implementation work on the fast track to success.

Fast Impact

The organization is engaged and quick wins built from the start keep motivation high.

Enduring Confidence

When you work with Kaufman Global, you get a partner that understands the importance of tempering any process improvement with change management and the human operating system.

Effectively manage projects and change.

slim-it implementation model by Kaufman Global

SLIM-IT® is a project implementation and management framework. It works because it literally surrounds process improvement tools and activities with human factors as part of its structure. Most projects aimed at process improvement leave out the change management element and instead gravitate automatically to process improvement tools (i.e. Kaizen Events), training, teamwork and technology. We know that without the necessary organizational engagement to hold improvement methods in place, they quickly fall away. In this model, the three outer bands are all people-systems:

  • Structure is leadership engagement via the Executive Steering Committee (ESC). Their job is to keep the initiative on track.
  • Lean Daily Management System® is Kaufman Global’s method for engaging work teams at the process level
  • Mentoring acknowledges the importance of coaching, asking instead of telling and active leadership

At the center of the SLIM-IT model are the methods and techniques (Operational Excellence, Lean and Six Sigma) that attack waste and variation in any process. Training, up-skilling and capability development are essential for sustainability. Technology plays a role once process capability is understood and improved to the extent possible using teamwork and more standard, hands-on problem-solving approaches.

Of course we do a lot of typical project management work wherever we engage. Things like: project tracking, reporting, milestones, financials and benefits build-up. SLIM-IT ensures we are getting the big picture right as we dive deep into the details.


  • Structure: Governance via the Executive Steering Committee (ESC).
  • Lean Daily Management System: Day-to-day workgroup engagement.
  • Mentoring: Coaching and active leadership.
  • Metrics: Measures that provide vital progress information.
  • Teamwork is coming together at the right time in the right amount using appropriate Tools, Training and Technology to get the job done. (the four T’s).

Kaufman Global has been in the implementation business for over 20 years.

Our track record of success with respected clients is due in part, to the process discipline we keep inside our project work. We know what we’re doing and we can help you with your “must-win” initiatives. Contact us to learn more about how Kaufman Global uses SLIM-IT for fast action, fast impact and sustainable solutions.