Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Rapid Performance Evaluation – Speed Matters

August 4, 2016  10:06 am

Kaufman Global helps clients solve complex problems and drive fundamental improvement. We engage when people and process collide – places where expertise and leverage can speed results. Even when an organization knows there is a problem, getting to solutions and understanding which levers to adjust can often benefit …Read More >

Vice President and Principal

The Standard Work of Engaging Leadership

February 9, 2015  3:42 pm

Lessons from a pocket card

Top leaders frequently approach us seeking solutions to their business problems. They want to know what approach we will use, what tools will be applied, how the project will be managed, what results to expect and how we will get their organization to change …Read More >

President and Principal

Procedural Adherence: Your Problem is Bigger than Technology

June 9, 2014  3:09 pm

The following is an excerpt from Kaufman Global’s new white paper, On Procedural Adherence. In this paper we discuss how complexity thrives in the middle of the organization where change is often most difficult, and what you must to do address it.

One sure way to optimize performance is …Read More >


Countdown to 2014: Two Words to Define Your Year

December 12, 2013  9:18 am

Kaufman Global’s Countdown to 2014 blog series ― a set of five consecutive blog posts to be launched on a weekly basis through the end of the year ― provides creative concepts for leadership to inspire truly accelerated performance in 2014.

While New Year’s resolutions have their purpose, they can …Read More >

European Director, Operational Excellence

Lean Tools are a Means, Never an End

July 25, 2012  2:47 pm

One of the most common and most difficult to eradicate beliefs is that “Lean” is just a bunch of analytical tools and methods. By knowing and applying them, organizations often believe they will automatically — and forever more — increase their profitability. If this were the case, why …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Process Discipline Happens at the Coalface

February 27, 2012  9:03 am

Whenever a catastrophic event occurs as a result of human error, the issue of process discipline comes into sharp focus. How often do we hear about how things go dramatically wrong because a procedure that should have been followed; wasn’t?

Answer: always

Everyone’s attention is riveted when lives are lost—and …Read More >