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2012 Offshore Technology Conference attendees discuss processes in aftermath of Macondo Oil Spill

April 25, 2012  9:26 am

Join us next week at the 2012 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to hear about the latest trends, news, and technology advancements related to offshore and mining sources. Ranked as one of the 200 largest trade shows hosted annually in the United States, the conference takes place from April 30 to May 1, 2012, at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas. More than 50,000 professionals, from over 110 countries and 2,500 companies, are attending.

One of several key topics to be covered at this year’s OTC is the Macondo oil spill tragedy. Throughout the event, attendees will have several opportunities to hear from industry experts on developments that are underway in the aftermath of the catastrophic event. Details will be shared on new processes being developed and / or implemented to support enhanced risk management precautions, industry spill response capabilities and overall management of offshore energy operations.

When new standards such as these are rolled out, it’s imperative―more than ever―to have a framework in place for process discipline.  While revised procedures provide a means for minimizing risks, improving safety and increasing revenue, organizations must understand that results will not be fully realized until day-to-day activities fundamentally change. Throughout the event, Kaufman Global’s Vice President of Business Development Michael Plageman will be on-hand to provide insights on how to instill a proven system of accountability throughout a business and / or work environment. The system involves a bottom-up approach that is directed, required, coached, and measured by leadership, who ultimately drive its value proposition.

Mark your calendar today and call +1 317 818 2430 to schedule a time to connect one-on-one  with Michael while you’re there.

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