Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Rapid Performance Evaluation – Speed Matters

August 4, 2016  10:06 am

Kaufman Global helps clients solve complex problems and drive fundamental improvement. We engage when people and process collide – places where expertise and leverage can speed results. Even when an organization knows there is a problem, getting to solutions and understanding which levers to adjust can often benefit …Read More >

President and Principal

The Lean Daily Management System:
Using Structure to Engage Employees and Optimize Value

November 17, 2015  11:37 am

In the late 1990s, when Kaufman Global constructed the Lean Daily Management System® (LDMS®), we recognized that “Lean” as a method for improving business was often viewed as a set of tools aimed at machines and inventory. On the surface, and in the simplest of explanations, it was …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

4 Tips for Simplifying Work Complexity
(Hint… Start with Smart Design)

November 3, 2015  10:14 am

Greater complexity means more options for failure.

Education ConfusionPeople and processes come together to deliver products and services. Like a ball of string collected, complexity builds as things are added to accommodate …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Transform and Sustain: the Real Reasons it’s so Difficult to Make the Connection

October 20, 2015  5:22 pm

Clients never say: “We want to transform and do better, but we don’t care about sustaining the improvements.” Clients always profess a sincere desire to sustain results. So pervasive is this intent, that during the past 20 years we’ve seen the rise of Operational Excellence as a legitimate …Read More >

President and Principal

Procedural Adherence: Your Problem is Bigger than Technology

June 9, 2014  3:09 pm

The following is an excerpt from Kaufman Global’s new white paper, On Procedural Adherence. In this paper we discuss how complexity thrives in the middle of the organization where change is often most difficult, and what you must to do address it.

One sure way to optimize performance is …Read More >

Director, Marketing Communications

Change Advocacy: The Ultimate Immunity Challenge

May 13, 2014  2:18 pm

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re leading it, supporting it, or it feels like it’s being forced upon you, uncertainty can make change a painful process. A new reporting structure, the arrival / departure of an employee, or a company acquisition can make you feel like your world is …Read More >

Director, Marketing Communications

Now’s the Time for a Strong Employee Retention Strategy

February 14, 2014  1:18 pm

Things seem to be looking up. The global economy continues to recover, labor markets are steadily improving, and the GDP is expected to peak in the next two years. These are strong indicators that 2014 will be a year full of business opportunities. Yet, as we’ve come to …Read More >


Countdown to 2014: Five Steps to Transform Your Workspace

November 20, 2013  2:27 pm

Kaufman Global’s Countdown to 2014 blog series ― a set of five consecutive blog posts to be launched on a weekly basis through the end of the year ― provides creative concepts for leadership to inspire truly accelerated performance in 2014.

Starting off the year with a clean slate is …Read More >

Director, Marketing Communications

Communicating Change: 10 Tips to Attain and Sustain Employee Engagement

October 7, 2013  12:52 pm

When preparing for a Lean initiative, it’s important to realize upfront that a full menu of changes, some large and sweeping, some small but critical, will be generated by and with the employees over the course of the effort. How leadership chooses to broadly serve (communicate) these changes …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Research Identifies Top Reasons Why Leaders Do Not Pursue Employee Engagement

July 25, 2013  11:02 am

The following is an excerpt from Kaufman Global’s white paper, Engage the Organization and a Performance Culture Will Follow, where we examine the reasons why leaders fail to pursue engagement, even while it’s proven to be fundamental to success.

If we accept the idea that a fully engaged …Read More >

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